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Cyber Chautari- an informative online radio program
presented by WNSO UK
with Sachin and Meena
technical help from Ram Babu

Latest Program

An Interview with Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi...


An Exclusive Interview With Prof. Dr. Surya Prasad Subedi, OBE...

Next Programs' Attraction !!!!!

An Interview with Pushkar Shah

Program Archives:

Cyber Chautari Program -- 6 [04-08-2005]
(An exclusive interview with Dr. Chintamani Yogi)
Cyber Chautari Program -- 5 [06-04-2005]
(An informative program featuring an exclusive interview with WNSO's patron
Prof. Dr. Surya Subedi)

Cyber Chautari Program -- 4 [26-11-2003]
(A tribute to late Jhalak Man Gandharva)

Cyber Chautari Program -- 3 [07-11-2003]
(A tribute to late Nati Kaji)

Cyber Chautari Program -- 2 [25-10-2003]
(An entertaining program with the warm wishes on the occasion of Happy Tihar)

Cyber Chautari Program -- 1 
(First online radio program from WNSO UK with the warm wishes on the occasion of Happy Dashain)